Crystal Village Studios - Durango, Colorado

Crystal Village Studios is a full service recording studio located in Durango, Colorado. With a wide variety of vintage mics, preamps, and instruments to choose from, here you will have everything you need to get that sound you’re chasing for on your next project. This private facility also provides the serenity of the mountains and outdoors with a river running through the property. The studio is owned and operated by Michael Rossback. Take a look at the discography to get a feel for the records he has produced and mixed.

For studio information and booking, please reach out to

Michael Rossback is a mix engineer based out of the mountains of Colorado. While he is known for his own music and the music he produces for other artists, he has focused a great deal of his talent and effort towards the mix process.

Having lived and worked in NYC, Nashville, and Colorado, he recently relocated his private studio to the mountains of Colorado. Away from the noise of the city, he has dedicated his focus to making music without distraction, fully taking on what it means to live with the music instead of treating it as a commodity.

Michael started his career in music in 2000 and has been fortunate enough to work full time in the field since. Starting off touring with bands playing guitar, he quickly found himself in the producer seat, then on to studio owner, and now after no longer serving as a studio open to the public, he now owns a world class collection of mic’s, pre’s, and instruments all kept in his private facility.

Should you like to collaborate with Michael on your next project, feel free to start the conversation. Some music is not yet ready to be made and he does his best to field where artists are at and if they are indeed ready to begin. Either way, it’s worth starting the conversation.